Ducati Windows 7 Theme



Decorate your desktop with stunning Ducati motorbikes


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Microsoft has thought of motorbike fans when elaborating their catalog of themes for Windows 7. They have decided to offer a theme featuring motorbikes of this Italian trade. If you like motorbikes, for sure you know some of these Ducati models.

Ducati Windows 7 Theme offers seven different wallpapers of different models of the Italian company. You'll find motorbikes in movement and in a showroom.

As you know, red is the color of Ducati, and Ducati Windows 7 Theme knows it too. That's why your desktop will turn into a red and stylish color: windows, backgrounds and taskbars will be in a Ducati style.

If you like motorcycling, you'll love this Ducati Windows 7 Theme. This is one of those desktop themes is worth to install.

If you are not using Windows 7, don't worry, you can extract the wallpapers from the theme and use them as usual. The wallpapers are stored in the folder called DesktopBackground.

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